Why is it worth investing in chatbots, i.e. client service automation.

Automation, robotization, artificial intelligence. These terms have permanently entered the dictionary of every marketer and online store owner. The vision in which robots can fully handle production, bots with communication, and artificial intelligence with design is wrong. Engaged specialists are needed to run and develop a profitable business, but the optimization of certain processes in the online store can unlock capital for investment in other areas and improve the functioning of the company. 


Hi, am I talking to the bot? 


Chatbots have been on the market for many years and today they are a truly developed group of tools supporting contact with the client. They are most often used directly on the websites of online stores and in social media (mainly on Facebook). As practice shows, most customers of online stores start contact for several simple reasons, for example, a question about product availability, delivery, return, discount, or order status. Even if all the information is contained in the frequently asked questions (FAQ) section of the website, busy users don’t have time to check it out. The introduction of a bot that will answer these questions on Facebook or on the store’s website will certainly reduce the time needed to reply to e-mails or messages on Messenger.¬†


Talk to a consultant 


As one of the options available in the chatbot, it is worth leaving a conversation with a real person. A consultant, seller, or even a store owner who deals with contact with customers will be irreplaceable in some cases. Despite the possibility to configure really advanced bots, sometimes the so-called human touch is needed to convince the user to buy or dispel his doubts. 


Human and chatbot Рthe perfect couple 


To sum up: implementing a chatbot will not replace the entire customer service of your store, but it will allow you to focus on other aspects of running your business. It will provide customers with answers to the most important questions and allow them to quickly find relevant information. Partial automation of this process is slowly becoming a standard, so you should think about investing in the bot now. If you need a budget for implementing a bot that will improve contact with buyers and increase sales on the website or via social media, use the Revenue Based Financing (RBF) model, which can be an injection of cash for the development of your business. After a brief analysis of the store, you will receive proposals for funds that you can have in your account within a few days. A one-time fee of 6% is added to the amount obtained, and the flexible repayment (10% of the monthly revenues generated by the store) is created with e-commerce owners in mind. 


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