No funds to bring a new product on the market? Find out how to change it.


Creativity has no boundaries

Do you sew clothes for children? Do you produce wooden toys? Or maybe you design unique lamps? Every creative entrepreneur treats their products as their children ???? Surely you often have brilliant ideas for something new, something fresh, something that has never been done before. So you start with sketches on a piece of paper, gather the necessary materials and start creating a prototype. After a few approaches, you refine your project and share the result with family, friends, or on social media. Up to this point, things always go great, but …


… where to get the money for it?


Problems usually arise when you move from your workshop or design studio to an Excel table. Materials, transport, production and post-production, additional costs, and on top of all the promotion budget that we wrote about here, after the summary can be terrifying. However, you still believe in your idea and look every day at a polished prototype that stands dusty somewhere in the corner. You are determined so you start making a calculation based on the profits your online store is now making. Conclusions? It won’t be enough to pay for everything. To show the world a new product, it turns out that you have to resign from a Facebook campaign or SEO activities, campaigns with influencers, or sending newsletters about promotions to your customers. If you sacrifice one action for another, the store will lose out anyway.


How about crowdfunding or another online fundraising?


Business determination combined with the image and financial success that can be brought by introducing a new product for sale leads to crowdfunding. This is a great solution for young businesses or companies that are already present on the market but plan to develop a new service, product, or innovation. The disadvantage of this model, however, is that it is based on the bottom-up interest of individual Internet users. Funding can be raised very quickly, but the fundraising can also go on forever …


The online store needs to grow here and now


The dynamic operation, immediate responses to the needs of customers, and the development of new market niches are the only effective methods for a business that generates income. In e-commerce, there is no time to wait and put off good plans until later. Fortunately, there are options other than organizing a fundraiser online: Revenue Based Financing (RBF) is a flexible solution designed for online stores. As a result, store owners around the world do not have to give up on developing their business or choose between a new product launch and standard marketing activities. Getting funded is simple, fast, and safe, thanks to our technology. The algorithm that analyses the store’s metrics and promotional activities, the decision in a short time frame, money on your bank account in a few days, and flexible repayment terms make us say: Enough excuses! You pay back a small, one-time fee, and the monthly repayments are a percentage of the revenue that your online store generates. The time has come for your prototype to stop getting dusty on the shelf.


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