Effective campaign in social media. Where to start?

Running an online store without the use of social media is probably possible, but certainly not effective. In Europe, although social media is not synonymous with the entire Internet (as it is in India, Africa, or Southeast Asia), it is an integral part of effective communication and promotion, which brings tangible profits at the end of the day. 


Facebook and what’s next? 


Legend has it that everyone is on Facebook. It is indeed the most popular social networking site in Poland, but it does not mean that everyone is there, and you definitely need to check if your potential customers are there. Most online store owners set up a Facebook page for their store without detailed analysis. It may turn out that it will not bring tangible results, and will be a time-consuming and costly habit and a necessity. If not Facebook, it is worth considering communication options in other media. The following are also very popular on the Polish market: Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and TikTok. Each of these portals is characterized by a different group of users, whether in the context of demographics or purchasing behavior. Choosing the right social network is also closely related to the nature of your business: another network will be perfect for shoe promotion, another for music streaming app, and another for pet supplies. 


How many fans liked my Facebook page already? 


The times of thinking of Facebook as a fan farm are long gone. The development of algorithms and indicators made it necessary to focus on many aspects when introducing your brand to social media. A committed group of customers or fans associated with the brand can be a support in business communication, as well as make running an online store more credible. However, the fan base cannot be an end in itself, as growth rates, which can also be measured with social media analytics, actually, increase sales. That is why the reach, number of clicks, or redirections to the online store are so important. 


Communication VS Campaign 


If we decide to start communication on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, or TikTok, we know that our potential customers are there and we can properly analyze the effectiveness of our posts, we should distinguish between organic activities and paid activities. Standard communication is the most ordinary post plan. However, the schedule of publications (text, video, graphics, etc.) must be unique, creative, and engaging to catch and hold the attention of the audience. Paid activities are simply advertising. Nowadays, free, organic reach is effectively limited by all social networks. This is, in a way, to force brands, online stores, agencies, and advertisers to pay for the results of the campaigns. Even with an engaging and creative post, it’s hard to break through millions of other posts from brands around the world. This requires a separate marketing budget for social media. 


How to finance social media campaigns? 


Knowing the basic rates, formats, and target group size, you can easily determine what amount of money will help us achieve our sales goals, for example on Facebook or Instagram. You can focus on reach, link clicks, or direct purchases in your online store. The problem is the funding of the campaign itself. If your store has been operating on the market for a year, generates income, and you have ambitious sales plans, it is worth considering using Revenue Based Financing (RBF). It is a flexible solution designed for e-commerce, in which, after an automatic analysis of the store, its owner can obtain a budget for activities in social media. An additional benefit is also the repayment model – it is only 10% of the monthly revenues of the online store.


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