Do you spend EUR 200 a month on advertising your eCommerce? It’s time to spend EUR 1 000 now.

The competition doesn’t sleep

Competition in the eCommerce market increased even more during the pandemic. Most companies have started to invest in digital due to the prevailing restrictions and prohibitions. An accelerated digitization process combined with changes in customer behavior means that not being on the Internet is not being in a race. In a race that began long ago and continues uninterrupted.


A chance for success

Integrated marketing strategy, profiling, the power of content marketing, or hyper-personalization are the areas and tools that allow every eCommerce company to go out into the water. Despite strong competition, increasing financial outlays, and easy access to sales, optimization, and analytical tools, every player in the online sales industry has a chance for success.


From an idea to the experience

Finding the right niche for your product or service is the foundation of your online business. Refining this product or service to meet the needs of customers is a mechanism that will allow you to stand out from the competition. Designing end-customer experiences, on the other hand, should be the overriding goal of your marketing, sales, communication, and client service strategies. In the era of XaaS (Everything as a Service), you have to think ahead and ask yourself how people will buy the product or use the service in one, five, and ten years.


Two poles

A bank loan is a big burden for the company. Even in the absence of income, the need to meet strict initial terms and monthly repayment conditions mean that bank financing is not even available to all businesses. The use of own savings is characterized by a much lower barrier to entry. This, however, causes the business to become a so-called bottomless well. Finding an investor is on the other extreme. This, however, is most often associated with the need to sell shares in the company or the loss of business autonomy.


Flexible financing

Scaleity financing was created for the SaaS and eCommerce industries. A simple, transparent, and safe model lets companies obtain an additional budget for online activities without the need to sell shares or incur debt. Scaleity financing is based on measurable aspects: data, performance, and analytics. The store is analyzed by an automatic application and analysts, receives interest-free financing for online activities, and then repays a fixed percentage of its revenues monthly. Flexibility and low costs allow you to finance rapid growth, invest in advertising and optimize sales.


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