Ads on Google – text or image? Effective methods of online business promotion.

Google is the world’s most popular search engine. Nearly 90% of all searches on the Polish Internet are made by Google. In Europe, this indicator exceeds 90%, and in the world, it is over 70%. Search engine advertising, including Google, has become one of the most important methods of promoting online stores, generating traffic and sales online. 


Where is the Google Display Network? 


Google Ads being set in the Google Adwords panel are displayed on the Google Display Network. Regardless of whether they are text or image ads (we will talk about the differences later in the article), they are part of an integrated system based on algorithms, auctions, and advertising space. Let’s compare the Google Display Network to a city. When advertising your store in the city, you have many options – you can buy a billboard, place an advertising poster, hire a person handing out leaflets or display a promotional video on screens in the subway. The online ad network works the same. The difference, however, is that on the Internet, you can show ads to people who are already interested in your product or service. Depending on the place where your ads will appear, their formats, and the rates that you have to pay to differ. Google has its own ad space (these are the elements marked with the word “advertisement” that appear in the search results list) and the ad space on external sites (including GIF ads that are displayed when you read news and previously visited an online store or a website).  


Word or picture? That is the question. 


Due to the format, Google ads can be divided into text and image ads. Text ads are the most effective because the user has to enter specific keywords in the search engine to see them at all. This is kind of the first filtering of leads. If a user puts in Google, for example, an online furniture store, you know that they have a potential interest in your business. In addition to the keywords, it is also necessary to create advertising texts and assess the potential of the search data. Graphic ads, on the other hand, give greater opportunities to present your products or services, but they can get lost in the crowd of other advertising content on a given portal. 


Marketing and remarketing 


You already know how ads are divided due to their format, but it is not the end. Ads can be directed to new users, targeting them due to the aforementioned keywords, geolocation, or demographics, but you can also use the data collected in the online store. So-called remarketing is used for this. In practice, this means advertising activities aimed at people who have already visited our online store. If they have not made a purchase and we know that they are interested in it, you can track such users using remarketing ads. A common practice is to use text ads to make the user visit the store for the first time, and image ads if you want to remind them of your offer. 


Media plan and budget  


You pay for an ad on Google only when a user clicks on it. You can also set maximum rates that you are able to pay for one click or define a daily spending limit on the account. In theory, it looks very flexible, but you have to remember that everything is done on the basis of an auction. This means that your competitors may have a few PLN more budget per click and the potential of your ads could drastically fall. To ensure a budget for advertising on Google, it is worth considering a solution designed for e-commerce, i.e. Revenue Based Financing (RBF). After a quick analysis of the store, the owner may receive even tens of thousands of zlotys for campaigning. It is not a loan, but financing in which, in addition to the base amount, there is a low fee of 6% to be repaid. Knowing how variable conditions prevail on the online store market, the flexible repayment model assumes payments of 10% of the monthly turnover of the store. 


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